HASTAC Initiative on The History and Future of Higher Education

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Cathy Davidson, a renowned professor of interdisciplinary studies at Duke University and co-founder of HASTAC (the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory), is leading a learning community and presenting a Coursera MOOC on the history and future of higher education. She describes it like this:

Concerned about the challenges facing Future of Higher Education? Join us and be part of the solution. “The History and Future of Higher Education” is an open, multi-institutional, worldwide, user-inspired, HASTAC-led initiative dedicated to transforming higher education. In January, HASTAC will host a group wiki for a collaborative effort to build an international resource guide for thinking through the kind of education we need now, for pedagogical innovations, and for institutional action items that will help all of us to think constructively and creatively about change.  A MOOC on the history and future of higher ed, beginning in late January, will extend our reach to an anticipated audience of tens of thousands of participants worldwide.

history-and-future-higher_ed-explore_HASTACDozens of universities around the World will be holding simultaneous classes, workshops and other events to explore the history and future of higher education together, in person and online. Beth Simon and Peter Newbury invite you to join us in the Center for Teaching Development on Wednesday afternoons, beginning on January 15, 2014. From 1-2 pm, we’ll watch the videos from Cathy Davidson’s MOOC, followed by a discussion from 2-3 pm.

To give you a hint about what to expect,
the final project is:
Design a university. From scratch.

We’re asking you to make a commitment to participating every Wednesday afternoon from January 15 – March 3, 2014. If you can’t spare 2 hours, we encourage you to watch the MOOC videos on your own and then join us for the discussion from 2-3 pm. Together, we can strengthen our local community, and through our online interactions, show the world that UCSD is looking ahead to the future of higher education.

RSVP if you’re interested in joining us!

For more information:  read HASTAC’s description of the initiative to see the growing list of institutions that are participating. Watch Cathy Davidson’s introduction to the MOOC.

One Thought on “HASTAC Initiative on The History and Future of Higher Education

  1. Welcome! This is really fabulous. In addition to the MOOC, HASTAC is building tools, mainly wikis, on which we’ll crowdsource resources for thinking about the future of higher education, success stories of classroom and pedagogical innovations, and success stories of institutional change. The way you are using the MOOC, as a springboard for your own ideas at your own university, is EXACTLY what we are hoping for. I keep saying, it’s not a MOOC; it’s a movement! Thanks for helping us to lead this movement.

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