Preparing Future Practitioners

Today’s university academics juggle research, teaching, and service to their departments. College instructors are not asked to publish their research (as often) so they fill all this “free time” with teaching, teaching and more teaching.  Throughout graduate school, you develop your research skills.  But what about teaching?  What can you do to prepare for your first teaching assignments as a new faculty member? Better yet, what can you do to look attractive to the hiring committee?

Participate in the Center for Teaching Development’s Preparing Future Practitioners (PFP) program, that’s what.

Based on the model followed by the national, NSF-funded Center for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Network, interested UCSD graduate students will progress beyond having a successful TA experience to Associate (formerly Fellow) to Practitioner to Scholar by participating is a sequence of teaching and learning activities, from being a TA in a course to teaching a summer session course at a Summer Graduate Teaching Scholar:




Successful TA experience
Participate in The College Classroom
Summer Graduate
Teaching Scholar (SGTS) with a teaching-as-research activity
Carry out a teaching-as-research project and share the results